How to back up yahoo email in the easiest way

In this article, we have explained how to backup yahoo emails. Many of the Yahoo users forget to back up their emails and due to some unwanted reasons, they lost their important information. This is a very common problem which many of the Yahoo users face.
Yahoo is widely used for mailing. Many of the business organization use yahoo for sending and receiving emails. Your important data is stored in the mails. If you don’t want to lose it. Here is a simple method for you to save important mail data.
Today we are going to discuss how to backup yahoo email.
If you want a backup for yahoo email then you need to download them to your computer in the local folder. Yahoo provides IMAP access to the mailbox for free, so you can easily download yahoo email by adding IMAP to your email client.
When you have added IMAP to your account then you can easily download the yahoo email and backup them.
This is the simplest way to backup your yahoo emails.
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